Anoothi Vishal

Columnist and Food Writer

Anoothi Vishal is the acclaimed author of Business On A Platter: What Makes Restaurants Sizzle or Fizzle Out, and Mrs LC’s Table: Stories about Kayasth Food and Culture. She is one of India’s most respected and credible food columnists, and writes on food trends, the business of food and beverages, culinary history and food as soft power for leading publications such as the Economic Times, Times of India, Navbharat Times, Forbes,, The Hindu, India Narrative and

Anoothi is also a well-known culinary historian and curator. She founded the Great Delhi Pop-up in 2012, an umbrella under which she works to put together unique and immersive food experiences centred around lesser-known cuisines, food cultures and local ingredients for diverse audiences. She has curated a number of historically researched culinary experiences, working with top chefs in the country at leading hotels and restaurants pan India, as well as in London, and Milan. 

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